Do I need a machine gun to be able to purchase a Shooting position?

No - all shooters welcome, many people get a shooting position to bring out their semi auto rifles and 50 Cal rifles. There are a lot of targets throughout the range all the way out to 1 Mile to take advantage of and have a good time.

Can I set my own targets?

Yes - you can place your own targets on the range during cease fires. Shooters going down range beyond 100 Yards are required to check out a safety vest before going downrange to set targets, and all vests must be returned and accounted for before the range will be allowed to go hot again.

Can I shoot tracers?

Yes - Tracer and incendiary rounds are permitted unless prohibited by Fire Department.

Do I need to register to shoot?

No - General admittance does not require a Shooters Position! Guns will be available for rent for general admittance attendees.

Can I camp out?

Yes - Camping is available for an additionsl $20.00 for the weekend. No water is onsite.

Will there be food available?

Yes - There will be multiple food vendors on site with a variety of options for purchase.